Layne Norton surprised me in a way I never thought possible, especially regarding body building and powerlifting.


Surviving 10 years working in the fitness industry is something I’m proud of, but it’s certainly nothing to hang my hat on. There’s always room to grown, learn and develop yourself.


My comfort zone is athletes that play elite sports, based on an objective outcome, win or lose, like basketball, rugby and athletics. I have very little to do with Bodybuilding and stage competition in my everyday work. I know I’m going to have people rise up and get their knickers in a twist saying “Well Sean, Bodybuilding is a sport”…..but hear me out…


Yes. Yes it is. I agree with you. But it’s subjective. I get that. I’m not hating, I, as of today, accept that! This especially excited me because this is a world I’ve had very little to do with. I understand a very simplistic powerlifting approach but I had previously focussed more of my efforts on strength and conditioning training.


The hype surrounding Layne Norton is false. He’s much better than advertised!


Watching presenters and leaders in the industry all the time, around globe, as well as here in Australia, you get to know which cat’s are going to blow you away and which ones you should of had a double shot espresso for. Today I didn’t need a coffee at all!


If you don’t know what fibre does, your clients might be rocking a beach ball belly.


From go to whoa I was captivated. I was intrigued. I saw my phone alert me a hundred times to things that I needed to get done but I was just mesmerised by the concepts he was presenting, I pressed snooze!




Layne’s experience with bodybuilders and powerlifters, as well as his science backing of why he does what he does is certainly a feather in his cap. Far too often in this industry, experts are 100% absolute in their methods and unwilling to waver from their doctrine. Layne was passionate about his methods but was open to debate and had no problem telling us when he stepped outside his own rules. In some cases Layne voiced, his experience over time as a coach trumps his own theory.


Lot’s of coaches claim to have trained hundreds…not at the same levels as this fella!


He was always interjecting, always supporting the conversation and engaging with us as a team, not just an audience. Personally, I was humbled because he placed himself as a normal bro who puts his pant’s on one leg at a time like the rest of us. He made it his mission to coach everyone. Especially me.


I felt my technique in powerlifting needed perfecting, hence why I was at the course. Layne went out of his way to watch me lift and correct my own technique….mind you, about 300 times over! I was fucking cooked!!!! It was this T.L.C that really made me appreciate this coach for more than being a leader in his field. Let’s just say this, when a national and international champion power lifter tells you to do something, you do it….pronto!


Eric Helms blew my brain apart!


This guy is clever. No, seriously! This guy is next level smart. That being said, he’s nerdy smart but is able to Dr. Seuss ANY topic into something that even a 4th grader could understand. I really took to Eric and the information he was delivering. So much of my work has involved complex tweaks to client programming but Eric made it simple. We walked through his unique Pyramid Coaching methods of which just hit home for me. I was pretty chuffed that I was on the right track with most of what Im currently doing with clients, but he was able to add another dimension.


He is also a superb technique coach. Watching him and Layne bounce back and forth was hilarious to watch…just like Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men, except the subject matter was exercise not a woman. It was priceless. To be honest, it was very much a seminar of these two goof balls teaching each other and we were simply witnesses to the event.





On a side note: This cat is so humble that I’m sure I saw a bunch of people ask him for private coaching positions because they just got what he was talking about. Thats a great reference if I do say so myself.


Being in the front row, it felt like I was being bombarded with information about causation and correlation, strength and skill acquisition, a multitude of meta analysis studies and finishing with some interesting views on testosterone and estrogen relationships that are often ignored.



Paul Revelia: The Silent Assassin


I remember walking into Paul at the end of Day 1 and shaking his hand. We looked at each other and telepathically felt that we wasted the day not introducing ourselves sooner….we changed that come Day 2.
Paul spent the lions share talking, teaching and working with me in deadlifts and bench presses, to the point I feel that I should of paid him for his time! Like EVERY good coach (and great is what he was!) he dissected every single part of my lifts so much so that I could probably paint you a picture of every single step… and I can’t draw to save myself. Seriously, I’m fucking miserable at drawing.




When moving through the bench presses, it felt that he was silently rooting for me. I felt pumped that after every lift I was going to get useful information. The bonus was getting TINY little tweaks that turned a struggle into a breeze of a lift. Layne and Eric put their 2 cents in as well…of course!


As for a bodybuilding coach, the dude has tissue paper bodyfat levels and is as vascular as fuck in the offseason as well as having photos of him on stage where I almost had to ask if they were photoshopped. Unreal is an understatement.



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Lauren Conlin is totally La Femme Fatale when It comes to lifting


What do I mean by this? Don’t let this cover model beauty fool you, she’s rocking a masters degree and her power to weight ratios blow me out of the water. The woman is tough and had some very intriguing perspectives on the female training stimulus which was widely accepted by all of the females at the course.




She was first cab off the ranks on Day 1 and set the bar high for the rest of the lads with a brilliant research based overview of training and nutrition relating to the weight regain post competition. To be honest, it was fucking spot on! With over a dozen competitions to her name, she’s got a true perspective on what to look out for as well as carrying that over to her masters thesis. I really enjoyed her take on nutritional relationships between competition evening, the day after competition and the following 1-3 weeks post competition. Laurin gave some good insight into nutritional planning for this crucial time, and how to avoid ‘spilling over’. So many girls blow out and and feel entitled to ram as much food into their mouths because they’ve ‘deserved’ it post comp and then go on to blame their coach that they’re 10kg heavier, 10 days after the comp.


She showed the middle finger (politely and with manicured nails) while silencing the masses with a heap of science and practical experience. Don’t believe me? Check out what I’m talking about here!


It appears oxygen and the post comp binge food is having a race into these girls bodies… and I don’t think oxygen is winning


I spend LOTS of money each year on courses, skype consults and private internships with leaders in the field and I’m incredibly happy with the results I’ve been able to get with my clients around the globe. Some people don’t like my style, the sound of my voice or why I have a sneaker fetish but you can’t argue with the results I’ve delivered to a lot of people over the years. I was in a room with comp-prep coaches and competitors (and some who dabble in powerlifting) but the beauty of all of this is that so much of this fits nicely into what I do with my national and high level athletes. It was crazy how easy this stuff slid right into my world!


Consider me impressed….


Thank you Layne, Eric, Paul and Laurin. I hope this is the start of a lot of conversations between us.

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