I’m very happy with the amount of athletes I’ve had walk through my doors and that approached me over the last 2 years regarding the fact that I’m publicly open about training basketballers.


However there’s something that’s got my goat as of late. This is a comment that I’m hearing all too often from head coaches and their assistants.


“Can you send us what you’ve been doing with [athlete’s name] because we just need to know what’s going on and change it if need be. Can you please send through everything you’ve done with them so we can have a look?”


So, you’re wanting me to send you ALL of my IP and over 13 years worth of programming experience for athletes?  You’ve only now seen their talent? Right….


The answer you’re getting it a resounding NO!


The sporting world needs to understand that there are teams that employ strength coaches and there are those that are private sector coaches that work as consultants.


I’m the latter.


So, if you’re looking at getting access to my athletes programming or HOW we go about it creating these programs (which is probably the better idea for you and your team moving forward) then feel free to book a time and chat with me.


Your athlete’s (and I use that loosely) are the way they are  because of many of the things they’ve done before they met you. It’s important you get off your high horse and look at the athlete as the sum of all their parts. Not simply an acquisition of talent that ‘you found.’


If you want to know what I do, get your cheque book out.


It sounds brutal but it’s fair. I’m not giving away high level programming that’s been created for an athlete privately nor am I going to give away 12 months of programming that an athlete’s done simply because a coach that’s never met me demands it. Because we’re achieving some awesome results, you’re now wanting to have it laid out on a silver platter? Refer to my answer above please.


If you’re wanting access to this programming, it’s not going to happen if you snap your fingers.


If I’m wanting to learn how to be an amazing skills coach then I’m going to be calling up the skills coaches and booking time with them to learn HOW they do it. I’m not going in for a hand out.


As many people that know me, the idea of someone paying for my programming or investing in my services has little to do with the money but more in the fact that it’s an investment. I’m going to be giving you the knowledge to be able to turn what you paid into something that will return into something larger and greater. Being given something for free holds no value nor does it hold any accountability. Every single client/athlete I’ve trained except 2 (over 13 years) that has not paid for a service has implemented barely anything and not actually completed what we set out. That’s because there is no accountability and things that are free hold no value.



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