The Fat Person’s Brain

The problem with the fat loss industry is that they talk about an immediate end goal. And by immediate end goal I mean the one that’s just on the horizon. You can see it but you can’t see further. You can’t see past them. The problem with the fitness industry, and I’ve been guilty of this myself, is that we focus on such shallow, shallow short term goals.
We’re so focused on 6, 8, 9, 12, 16 weeks programs and products that we fail to look at the 12 month mark. A result to me is the fact that someone has been able to keep the weight off, overcome their injury or even kept their performance at a high level for 12 months or more. That’s a result when the short term goal has been maintained for longer than quadruple the timeframe in which the goal was achieved. That is simply the start of a great result.




Look, in full disclosure I’m totally guilty from really promoting and selling, and honestly, becoming very successful from a product I call Shit Hot In Six Weeks. I started that program to help change the mindsets of women around the world in six week blocks. Have we seen amazing results in six weeks? We sure have. Have we seen results still coming in from girls starting the program two years ago? We sure have. But I decided to change everybody’s end goal by focusing on shorter, smarter, short-term goals.

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Where is the hardest place to lose body fat?


It’s not the tummy, it’s not the legs…


It’s the brain!


I know this first-hand, the hardest place to lose body fat is the brain. Now, a lot of you are going to think, “You can’t lose body fat from the brain. The brain doesn’t put on body fat.” You can lose body fat from all around your body but the lifestyle you’ve lived while carrying that body fat is ingrained in your brain and will stay there not only as a memory but also as a habit. It’s incredibly challenging to lose it from there.


You can lose twenty-five kilos in a fat loss program. You can lose the last two or three kilos from changing up your diet. But, the thing is, and often it’s the case, you still have a fat person’s brain. You still have a fat man or a fat woman mentality. And that’s what I’m saying is the hardest part about any fat loss program. Body fat from the brain is the last place to go, because habits, creature comforts, emotions, memories, all stem from the brain and the repetitive actions you’ve done over a longer period of time.


That being the truth doesn’t make you a bad person. It just give you the starting point for where you’re needing to go.


If you’ve lost thirty-five kilos, if you’ve lost ten kilos or more, you can bet your ass that you can pinpoint a particular part of your existence to a happier time when you just felt so good to be eating. There is a particular meal when you sat down and that was the highlight of your life. If that’s what you can think of, if someone says the word “honeycomb cheesecake” and you automatically get chills up and down your spine because you know that’s going to set off all of your senses and give you that dopamine rush, then you have a fat person’s brain of which needs to be addressed.




The hardest part when I lost all of my weight was I still had habits and I still had go-to foods that I used in regards to emotional situations. If I felt emotionally depressed I’d go to savoury foods. I still go to savoury foods if I feel like I’ve been confronted or if I feel out of my depth. You know, out of my element. And I know that there are an awful lot of people that feel the same way.


The fat person’s brain is the number one cause of you rebounding and going back to where you were. Quite honestly the fat person’s brain, or an overweight person’s brain, is a really politically correct way of saying “addiction”. Addiction to food that is.


A fat person’s brain, the fat person mentality, is the last and hardest place to remove body fat because your brain is responsible for long term memory and long term feelings.


If you’ve been overweight at a particular time, you had an addiction to food. You’ve had this association with food that when you come in contact to food and there’s been that relationship with food, you overate, you gorged yourself with food, you’ve absolutely gone hog wild. Addiction is the thing that people run back to when times get tough, when they’re exposed to the things that they’re trying to run away from or get out of their lives. It’s the same with alcoholics. It’s the same with people that have come off of drugs. It’s the same with any kind of addictions.



You’re brain acts in particular ways and get’s excited when the thought of food ‘comes to mind.’


A fat person’s brain, the fat person mentality, is the last and hardest place to remove body fat because your brain is responsible for long term memory and long term feelings. Body fat doesn’t have feelings. It’s just full of chemicals, hormones, and adipose tissue. It’s full of stuff that doesn’t have any feelings, any emotions. It doesn’t have stories to tell but the amount of it can tell a story about you. If you have an awful lot of body fat then there’s a story as to why you’ve put on that weight. But the fat doesn’t tell the story. Your brain is responsible for why you are an overeater. The emotional relationship you had with food. The emotional relationship you had at a certain point in time in life where things went downhill.


I know for a fact that when I put on twenty kilos in three months it was because I was depressed about not being able to move because I had a knee reconstruction when I was fifteen-years-old. I went from a 70 kilo fifteen-year-old who was strong, agile and was representing his state in multiple sports to a 90 kilo fifteen-year-old in ninety days. I ate because I was unhappy and I was unhappy because I ate. I can pinpoint my exact downfall to a moment on the couch when I started crying because I couldn’t move because my leg was in a brace and the only thing that was there to comfort me while my parents were out working was food.


Getting people to lose body fat in the first place can be a challenge because there’s so many different methods, there’s so many different fads and ways to lose body fat. My argument is, start with the brain. Start with relationships. And start with feelings toward food.


If you don’t develop a relationship with food in a positive manner then you’ll bounce back and regress and go backwards every single time because I’ve seen it again and again over the last ten years. Treat food like it’s a first date. You want to have a bond. You want to get know it. And develop a wonderful relationship with food. YOU dictate the terms of the relationship and how you want things to work. The choice and the direction is always up to you.

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