Have you ever competed in a marathon? Crossed the finish line of one? Well, I sure as hell haven’t! Because (as you’ve probably already nutted out) I’m not a runner. That being said, the psychology of long distance running really interests me and some comparisons can be drawn to the fat loss world.


But runners don’t need to lose much fat???…


That’s not the scope of what I’m aiming for. It’s to highlight the similarities in hurdles, mindsets, more hurdles and the dreaded ‘wall’.


I have worked with hundreds of clients over the last 10 years that have all stated they wanted to lose 10kg of weight/body fat. That in itself interests me because why that number?


Let’s stick with the number focus and throw out the number 10. As in… 10kg. This is the number often used as a major milestone for people in their weight/fat loss programming.


The elusive double figures!


10kg or over 20 pounds. It’s over a dress size. Your jeans will be too big for you now.




One of our FIFO (fly in fly out) clients that worked hard and smart. Managing hormones and making smarter foods choices, he made some amazing improvements! You can click here to see what people are saying.


The problem is 10kg of weight loss/fat loss (yes I know they are extremely different but humour me none the less) takes a number of things that most people don’t have. Hence the reason why they never reach that 10kg drop. I’m going to highlight 3 major ones. If you implement them, you’ll see results. If you don’t, I can guarantee you’ll spend money on something else that will tell you exactly what I’m telling you right here… for FREE.




Plain and simple. If you ain’t got the will power to stay on course then your poor little vessel is going to be easily blown into the rocks. Your body is a creature of habit and is very much like the kid in math class that had a hard time understanding more than basic arithmetic. The simplest of questions needed to be done over and over again for weeks on end. After a while, they would start finding those problems easier and easier. It would create a habit and it would end up getting easier meaning they were ‘getting it’.


The body is the same and requires time to ‘get it’ too. Give it time, effort and dedication and watch the numbers drop and the inches disappear.


Food Choices


At the core of any weight loss/fat loss campaign is clean and nutritious fuel. I always tell my clients and students that picturing yourself as your favourite sports car is the best way to think about performance. If money wasn’t an option, you wouldn’t fill your car (mine is a Porsche) with everyday unleaded fuel. Would you?

You would want to top it up with premium-I’m-going-to-smoke-you-at-the-starting-line-Fast-And-Furious-style fuel.


Food choices are a double edged sword. It is crucial in managing and controlling your hormones i.e. insulin.


I’ll save my opinions of calories/macros/counting for another day because it has it’s place. But when you’re starting out and wanting to shift the first 10, food choices should be at the top of your priority list.


Below is exactly what I’m talking about. These are clients of mine that have worked with me here and overseas that with clean eating, hormone management and manipulation, we’ve seen HUGE changes and results in body composition.


Reward Your Efforts Each Week


Now, lot’s of people will say “you’re not a dog, so you shouldn’t reward yourself with food”. It’s a horrible way of looking at it. If you want to enjoy a treat meal, a meal that you can let your hair down… then by all means, go for it. Only once per week!

Don’t go silly. It’s a treat… not a gorge! If you want that pizza, then have it. Be practical. Maybe share a large pizza with a friend instead of eating a whole one by yourself. Or make one yourself with gourmet ingredients that you won’t find at your local Pizza Hut. Be sensible, that way you can have your cake and eat it too 🙂

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