Coach Connolly (Me!) Is Proud To Offer A New And Innovative Approach To Coaching. 


Be The First To Experience The New Global Transformation Program.


It’s true. After 12 months of full books and zero availabilities, I’m going to open up a small handful of positions to work with me in the new Global Transformation Program.


How Have Things Changed?


Simply put, they have changed in a big way. A very big way!

I’m not doing things the same as I used to 5 years ago. Not even last year. I’ve been trialling lots of new scientific training systems, new programming initiatives and also some easier ways of getting that information to YOU.

Your assessments are going to be much, much more in depth. Like a lot! This is because I want to not only know more about you but so that you and I are completely and utterly on the same page. You have a job to do which is #getshitdone. Mine is to make sure you have all that you need, to communicate with you throughout, to be that sounding board when things are going good and when you need more support… so that you can #getshitdone.


My Philosophies Are Simple, My Methods Are Not.*


My programming is hard. It’s that way because if you want easy stuff, go look at Tracy Anderson workouts. I’m not down with wasting your time or your money. To change the body, mind and lifestyle, you have to force it to change.

My teachings and manuals may offend you. That’s cool. I’m not for everyone. I don’t want to be for everyone. I aim to inform and inspire you to be able to not just get results but put your stamp as a certified hottie.


F**K Average Results. Let’s Step Yo Game Up!


It wouldn’t be my programming without a curse word. You be screaming lots of these when training. And when you’re looking like the front cover of a fitness magazine (and not the filthy articles that are in them) you’ll quickly have people cursing you for your new body and lifestyle. Be today what others dream about tomorrow.


Soooooooo if you’re wanting more information on coaching with me and how you an me can take on UFO’s together for the survival of earth then fill out the form below. We do get a fair amount of people applying so I will get to you as fast as I can.

Sh*t Hot In 6 Weeks - Training Sign Up


There are two things I guarantee. The first is that you will get access to one hell of a brain. Seriously. I’m pretty clever and with a few letters after my name, I know a thing or two about body transformations. The second is that in my coaching, there is no guilt. We are a team and we partner up like Bonnie and Clyde, Hans and Chewie, Bert & Ernie…(add a few more duos here and you get the point). My goal is to make sure you hit your goals. Those are our KPI’s.

Be clear on your answers and let’s tackle this and make some sweet, sweet music eh?




Sounds like a plan!















*I love this quote. One of the dudes that I look up to in this industry is John Romaniello. A smart cat, a funny fucker and a very knowledgable dude.