Being a new father, I’m quickly learning that the simple things matter. My daughter and I talk to each other by making sounds and by gestures while giggling for reasons she’ll only know, and I’m totally fine with that! The easiest way to communicate with each other is obviously the best and most enjoyable.


As I look at my business each weekend, I review my KPI’s, targets, accomplishments, feedback and other indicators, I had to step back this one instance and ask myself a question that really needed my attention…


Why do we (the fitness industry) always try to make things more confusing than what they really need to be?


It seems like everything we read and watch is becoming increasingly more complicated. Sure, many of us study privately or through higher educational portals to acquire knowledge that will lead us down a different path but there seems to be more and more experts, guru’s and want-to-be heroes creating systems that are just more complex then they have to be. All for the sake of trying to appear knowledgable and educated. It seems a little counter intuitive to me really that by trying to pump yourself up in front of your audience you’re actually alienating them.





I remember a quote that always stuck with me when working with clients (below). Sure, I know a lot of complex pathways and training systems but at the end of the day, if you can’t convey them simply, it appears that you may not truly know it yourself.



If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.

Albert Einstein


Speaking with a good friend of mine and mentor Damon Hayhow, and we talked about this very topic in detail! With all things strength and conditioning, competition prep and even personal training, complexity is not always the answer. We agreed that those that can turn complex thinkings into very simple Dr. Seuss teachings are the ones that we actually respect and listen to more. Funny how that happens!


The mass majority of your athletes and clients want to be shown the road to results. Most are not interested in the vehicle they’re taking, the type of engine, the colour of the paint and the amount of torque the engine has, they just want to get from A to B.


Your job should be to do just that.


A to B!


If people want to know more then go ahead and drop some knowledge bombs. Simple and effective will always beat out complex and intricate.


So, what’s my aim? I want to make things simple again. Easy to understand and even easier to remember. Use different learning styles to make sure that you can retain the information. I’m really please that the Atlas Performance Academy does this by turning complex exercise science into easy to digest morsels of information. I created something based around what I wish had been taught to me as a student.*


With a growing army of Atlas Performers, my goal is to arm trainers and coaches with the essentials while mastering the basics. Doing this on a day to day basis eliminates the need to be flashy and allows you to one thing that everything is seeking….




(Click the image to see what I mean!)


Photo 10-01-2016, 2 51 24 PM



*My human biology and biology teachers would be rolling in their graves seeing this. I was a horrible student and didn’t ‘get it.’ Wrong, I just didn’t get their teaching styles which made it hard to learn.

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