Atlas Performance:

Level 1 High Performance Coach


Human Movement And Sports Science Essentials For Personal Trainers And Coaches



Many personal trainers want to break into the world of athletic development but even more don’t have an idea where to start or even how to get going.


In this 2 day course we will cover the essentials for developing a strong and conditioned athlete. What’s required in testing, assessing and programming an athlete (and general client) from where they are now to training and operating at a high performance. Participants will learn how to periodise athletes from the beginning of their training all the way to peaking for elite competition.


There is a very large emphasis on athletic empathy meaning that our students will be actively participating in the training programs that they will end up taking away for their athletes.


This is a must for personal trainers wanting to take their knowledge to the next level as well fitness professionals who are wanting to carve out a niche in the industry as a leader and results based coach. Unlike most courses that are out there where you simply pay for a certificate, there is a two step assessment process which will allow you to be certified as an Atlas Performance coach and grant you access to the Atlas Performance community.


Who Is This Course For?


  • Trainers who are wanting learn the in’s and out’s of developing high performance clients

  • Coaches who want to take the step into elite athletic development with professional sports men and women

  • Those that are wanting to learn how to create a booming business through achieving results with clients that would take other coaches 3x the time and effort. Learn the science and then practice the art!






What’s In Store For The Jam Packed 2 Days…


Day 1 – Strength Training Testing, Principles And Norms


It’s important that we start with the essentials and build a solid foundation for you as a strength and conditioning coach. To be called one, you need to be able to get athletes strong and conditioned. That’s your gig!

We cover all your primary and major lifts as well as predictor lifts for sports like basketball, athletics (long jump, high jump and 100-400m sprints) as well as combat sports.

The most important part about Day 1 is that we cover how to perform these lifts properly so that you can create a system and a norm for your athletes and clients.


  • Testing and assessment - The Atlas Performance Movement Screen
  • Finding and correcting imbalances and structural deficiencies
  • Choosing the programming and exercise prescription for optimal gains
  • Understanding what strength and conditioning requires
  • Hands on practical training for beginner and intermediate programming
  • And much more!

Day 2 – Understanding Our S.P.A.R.Q Training Matrix, Periodization Procedures


  • Short to medium term periodization for athletes and general clientele
  • Protocols for recovery, sleep and pre game routines
  • The role of nutrition in an athletes training and competition
  • Supplement timing for training and competition
  • Hands on practical training - you're training like an athlete!



Course Instructor – Sean Connolly – MSc BaComn


182409_495911576979_5451659_n Sean ‘Coach’ Connolly has an extensive background in exercise science, high performance, sports nutrition and the development of elite athletes playing all over the globe. He earned his Masters In Exercise Science from Edith Cowen University in 2010 and has spent most of his time working with men and women all over the globe searching for the edge in their sport.


Having spent over 10 years training athletes across 7 different sports at a state, national and international level, Sean’s has proven himself to be one of the most innovative and sought after strength and conditioning coaches in basketball here in Australia. Athletes that have engaged Sean’s expertise have worked and played in the NBA, NCAA, NBL, WNBL, Euro League and the SBL.





Next Course For 2017

Perth – November 18th-19th

Time: 10-5pm both days

Location: Diamond Fitness, Perth

Investment: $597


Contact [email protected] to secure your spot.


Course attendee limit is capped at 12. This allows for adequate teaching time, question and answer as well as hands on lifting from all participating.