I want you to meet someone. Someone who is going to revolutionise strength and conditioning for women here in Western Australia. A women who dives in head first and get’s the job done. And by getting the job done, I mean able to get you to your goals quickly and efficiently.


Jade’s Bio


Cert. III & IV in Fitness

Level 1 Atlas Performance Coach

Nationally acclaimed fitness, bikini, fashion and runway model


Specialising in…

Female Fat Loss

Periodisation and Programming

Muscle Functionality

Strength and Conditioning




Over the last few years Jade has been up to her eyebrows in competitions for beauty, runway, modelling and fashion. To be honest, she’s pretty bloody amazing. That being said, she’s entered into the world of strength and conditioning because not only has she seen a huge change in her body in becoming stronger and learner, she also wants to make a difference in the everyday battlers life too (that’s you!)


I’m personally excited about this girls because she’s come under my wing and dedicated herself in learning how to create athletes as well as the body’s those athletes have.

Currently training clients out of Resurgence Training Centre in Port Kennedy, this is a state of the art facility geared towards training real people for real results. The details for this amazing facility are down below. Make sure you check them out as well.
Stay tuned to this page as we are going to be adding more and more photos and stories of her clients.


Want To Work With Jade?


This is the cool part.

Jade is only taking on a handful of clients due to her current client base and availabilities so if you want to get in and work with her, you need to be dedicated and ready to take action. All you need to do it fill out the form below and she’ll contact you within 48 hours to talk more about your goals and what you hope to achieve. Having seen her at work, I wish I had more hours in the day so I could come on as her client. But I’ll let you take my spot…




Fill out my online form.





Where Can You Find Jade?





Resurgence Training Centre

17 Saltaire Way,  Port Kennedy,

Western Australia


*on a side note – you need to check this facility out. I was there just recently and it’s the ducks nuts. As far as strength and conditioning is concerned, you’ll love it.