My life now is very different to the life I was living 8 years ago. The people I train are now are 80% elite athletes, those competing in in competitive sport with the odd battle axe thrown in here and there. I’m really lucky to share my journey with some pretty incredible people.


About 4 months ago I was approached but Kate Campbell, who many of you know as one of the stars on Survivor Australia. Little do many of you know, Kate and I have been friends for the better part of 8 years also. We’ve bumped into each other here and there as well as hung out at events that our friends were attending. We’ve always been pretty close and enjoyed each others company when we had the chance to do so.


Like I said, she approached me over the phone and threw out the idea of training for an outback-style challenge. I said “Sounds awesome! Come on in and let’s talk.”



Many of you don’t know the story of Kate and the boating accident that caused her such horrific physical trauma. You may want to google the event as they’ve been documented by other sources (P.S – she has a book coming out soon that you may want to read!)


I asked if she could be more specific [as to what we we’re training for] and she said, ‘Picture something like…Survivor. That would be the best comparison.’


She said she was heading out bush and needed to all the help getting read to tackle the elements head on. She wanted to get a little stronger to make the trip a little easier. Later on, I would get a message back from her after not hearing from her for about 3 months (after heading off to the bush) saying that she was actually on the real Survivor! I was so pissed as I would have died to know that. Something tells me Channel 10 put the brakes on that real quick.


With all that being said, the type of training that we did for her outlined trip ‘to the outback’ would not have been any different with her being on the show. The goals and the execution would of been the same either way. I’m proud of her for giving me the right information but withholding the juicy information.


I’m going to give you an outline of what we did simply because the feedback, support and questions I’ve been receiving about Kate and her body on the show proves that aesthetics come from smart training. Period!


Mind Map 3



She put on about 2.8kg of muscle mass in 6 weeks


This may not sound like a lot but the fact that we were able to drop body fat and put on muscle mass means our recomposition program was spot on. Some people will bark out ‘you can’t gain that much in a short amount of time’, and it’s those people that don’t understand human physiology.


She was driven and dedicated to tackle the heavy lifting. We aimed for lower rep ranges after warming up with 2-3 sets of higher reps. The movements we focussed on were the 4 main big lifts as well as modified strongman training. The initial muscular and nervous system stress would be enough to illicit a quick result, of which it did. Also, keep in mind she was brand new to the type of training we were doing. In fact, she was totally new to strength training as a whole which allowed for her low training age to be a positive factor in getting the results we did.


*Looking back on it now, I think we could of done more calisthenics and maybe a little bit of gymnastics but it’s always 20/20 right?


food fluctuated between 2700 and 3200 calories per day




To begin with, Kate was in pretty good shape. She looks after herself and watches what she eats. The long term habits she had formed had been based on gentle activity, yoga and also maintaining her current body composition. We needed to tweak a few things as to get it right for her outback trip. We just jacked up her calories while she continued to eat good quality foods. From memory she had only 2 or 3 diet break days in the whole time which is rare for her.


The other point I want to mention as I’m a big believer in full disclosure is the conditions for her were perfect to get results. She had finished up her job, was living stress free and didn’t have too many restrictions with time, location or finances. THIS is a major draw card as the body doesn’t really adapt too well when you have a lot of stressors at play. Strength training is the only stressor that it’ll adapt to well. The above mind map is what we used as her general plan and she executed it perfectly. I may be a little bias but she was arguably one of the fittest and strongest on the show considering her horrific accident and the complications that went along with it.


My final point is that her drive and intent (a major word in strength training and human performance) was the game changer in her results. If the brains intent is there to lift, execute and commit to the lifts then everything else will follow. The intent of your lifting will also change and alter the sets and reps you’ll need to be lifting.


With the amount of people asking for information on what we did, it’s been humbling to say the least. I’ll be sure to do a few more of these review blogs so people like you can see what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to results based coaching. I hope you enjoyed it.


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