Most of my days are spent with clients and athletes teaching them the bare bones framework for results. Plain and simple.


It can may often seem daunting for them with so much information out there but it’s important to start with something simple. Start with a solid and basic foundation for understanding nutrition and getting it right the first time.


That’s why we’re created the Phase 1 Nutrition Overhaul.






The beauty of what this program is it’s changed over 800 lives around the globe.


I’m so proud of this accomplishment and I’ll be sharing this for as long as I’m alive. We’ve used this layout to educate and inspire all of these men and women to update their eating and their daily habits so that they can begin to feel what real health is as well as what optimal body composition really is.

The crux of this layout is education and simplicity. Sure, you can make this a shit load harder and more complex but that isn’t the issue. The point of it is to bring everything back to it’s simplest form while providing you with the framework for progress.

We have over 1,000 people to help this year and we better get cracking if we want to get everyone leaner and stronger.







What do you think?
Does this help make things clear for you? Does it help you see how meals can be easily transitioned into a brilliant meal planner?


I thought so! Make sure you pop the questions down below if you want to know more about making this work for you personally (that’s the next stage of nutritional mastery. Learn what great looks and feels like then apply the shit out it!)








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