I’ve had too many emails to count this week with athletes, and some parents of athletes wanting to know how we train our athletes and what we do. The short answer is this.


They Squat… Heavy.



They Deadlift… with hex bars, barbells and dumbbells… often.



They Press heavy sh*t over their head and they do pull ups like they’re trying to get good at perving over their neighbours yard.



And just for the record, please STOP with the notion that weight lifting stunts your growth. Please, this topic has been put to bed and if you’re wanting to locate evidence to show that it’s going to stop you from growing and that your growth plates will shatter from squatting, go to pubmed.com. or Google Scholar and search around to find something.



It’s ok, I’ll wait…



(Now while those muppets are out there trying to prove me wrong, let’s get back to the lady of the hour!)



I want you to meet Jennie Rintala (her photo is at the top of the page). A professional basketball player, donut connoisseur and all round bad ass. She’s an American girl living here in Oz with her American hubby. Jennie came to me from hearing about the results we were getting from some of the other girls in the SBL (state basketball league) team she is playing for. Needless to say when she walked into the gym… I was super excited.


In case you didn’t know, most of the people I work with here in Australia and around the globe are basketballers. Working with a sport that I love makes it very easy to reach some awesome goals with these guys and girls. Jennie Rintala is no exception.


She’s a workhorse! Plain and simple.



The video below shows a few of the maintenance movements in her program we implemented that were designed just to keep her strong, quick and mobile. The amount of on-court work she does is a lot so we had to manage that.


As far as her programming in the initial stages, it was all geared around building a level of foundational strength and working on full range of motion. Most most basketballers,flexibility through their shoulders and lower back is always going to show up. Especially in the initial testing phase. Jennie wasn’t all that bad to begin with but as the weeks went by her flexibility was making it easier for us to tackle movements that were elevated as well as from deficits.


For example, doing a deadlift from blocks eliminates the need to go all the way down to the floor. She has really long levers and going to the floor may not actually return a benefit compared to going to the blocks. Flexibility and range of motion is obviously not the focus.






Much of the training we’ve done with Jennie over the 2017 SBL season and into the 2018 season





I have a lot of taller girls jumping on board and I often see the same issues popping up from time to time that inhibit them from really taking hold of their progress. Jennie was really open minded and asked some awesome questions. We’ve had a number of sessions where it’s just been a chat and her asking me I do what I do. Here are a few ‘tall girl problems’ that you can combat with some smart solutions.






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Disclaimer: These workouts have been put together for the athletes I work with based on a number of testing procedures, multiple previous programs, body composition, biomechanics, goals and current occupation in sport. Downloading and participating in these workouts is done at your own risk and you will not hold me (Coach Connolly) or Atlas Performance liable for any injury, pain or death that could be caused. Downloading the program confirms that you’ve read this and are happy to proceed.

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