What Are Athletes Really Looking For?



This is a question I get a lot. A lot of people think that athletes are looking for the latest and greatest way to go from basic competition, basic training and mediocre methods all the way to a gold medal. As much as this would be great in a perfect world, in the real world it just doesn’t work like that.


Athletes are looking for anything as little as 1% improvement here and there. It might not seems like a lot to the everyday gym user or fat loss client but it’s the difference between getting game time and sitting out on the bench. To an athlete, that would be like breathing and not breathing. Playing sport and being involved in competition is everything.


I was really blessed to have Devanny walk into the gym talking how she needed to get better. She was super curious coming into the gym and of the whole process but she was blown away with what went on in as little as 60 mins. As always, these were the things we looked at in the first 60 minutes…


  • Atlas Performance Movement Analysis ©

  • Structural Balance assessments

  • Level Length Tension Testing

  • Primal Movement Pattern Tracking

  • Biomechanic and Lever Assessment

  • Joint Mobility testing


After these we looked at and continue to look at diet, sleep, recovery and also how her body reacts to the nutritional protocols we’ll put into place. Lots of amazing systems and plans to put in place but they are all implemented over time. One thing that many practitioners and coaches get wrong is they get too excited with their athletes and just want to unload and give them everything. It’s exciting when you start working with them but it’s important you make sure that they (and you) are focussed on the goal at hand.


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear

– Lao Tzu



There is a big difference between a coach and a trainer. The difference is that a trainer is just a rep counter, someone that is merely there to hold your hand and to make sure you’ve earned the sweat. Now, there’s nothing wrong with trainers. They’re needed and heck, I used to be one and in some instances would still call myself a trainer. But over the years, some of the most important people in my life have been my coaches. The people that challenged me and put me under pressure.


Too often people will crack under pressure and blame their coaches for hurting their feelings. I’ve dealt with in both my professional and educational capacities more trainers that didn’t have the mental and testicular fortitude to overcome moments of pressure or urgency. Those ones have since gone back into working at their old jobs and continue to tell people how hard life it on their social media accounts. However there are those that crack under pressure but are driven to jump right back in and try again.


I don’t expect everyone to be amazing right out of the gate. I expect that if you’re wanting to raise the bar of what you can do / achieve / perform, then get ready to get your hands dirty.


My job is to get the athlete (and in this case Devanny) doing what she needs to do….but better. Plain and simple. To put her in positions where she can do the work and reap the rewards. So far, she’s doing just that!


Devanny Wanted A Coach And Not A Trainer


Below this video, I’m going to leave you a few things that’s needed for taller woman playing sports where their height is important. There’s method to the madness and the devil really is in the details. Just make sure when working with athletes like Devanny, you make them better and give them things to do that will carry over to the sport.







Tall Athletes Require…


Vertical jump – teach them about the movements and they’ll put it all together (bottom image)

Shoulder strength and mobility at the end range

Hamstring strength and mobility

Knee strength and stability

Glute strength, activation, stability and rotation. Most athletes can’t rotate their hips because they’re either too tight or just not mobile enough




Listen, if what your doing doesn’t transfer to the sport then you’re wasting your time.

– Dr. Tania Spiteri



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