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…With Hayden Wilson


Hayden is such a good human and I was really humbled when he approached me to talk on his podcast. With such an array of amazing coaches and experts on his program, I was literally thrilled to be apart of such an elite list of global professionals. Names like Charles Poliquin, Mark Coles, Preston Greene and many, many more. This is one that you don’t want to miss and also an debt that I will repay when I interview Hayden for some programming I have coming up.


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…With Anthony Kirby



I really enjoyed this sneaky little interview. It’s awesome that with a great host, a conversation can go anywhere and turn into something awesome.

Back Story: I was driving down south with my wife for a long weekend and Anthony and I decided to talk shop. I think it would of been a lot easier in front of a computer but heck, why not try and live dangerously eh?


This interview does bring with it a fair bit of cussing of which my momma wouldn’t be so proud but I don’t think she knows what a podcast is let alone where to fine one! That being said, CLICK BELOW and have a listen.


If you’re a business owner, building your own business or simply trying to create something from scratch then I think you’re going to enjoy this.


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And Another One…





…With Victor Ahipene


Victor was part of a forum I was attached to that was involved in a business program that we invested in. Needless to say the only thing that was positive about this poorly put together program was an awesome relationship I formed with Victor. He’s a smart cat and wanted to get an insight into why I wasn’t like every other personal trainer and why I did things differently.


Sure, I training athletes and general clients as well but there are a number of other strings to my bow in terms of the services and programs inside the Atlas Performance world.

I gave Victor a sneak peak into this and what my goals were for the next 12 months.


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