The coolest meals, recipes or even inventions come out of throwing ideas around. Chucking them around and seeing what comes from it.


This week was no different!


This meal creation came from one my private clients after I challenged her to create a (tongue in cheek) Mexican Dessert. What she came up with was something that I would of never seen coming.


The ideas from Chloe came from a conversation of managing and controlling blood sugar levels. The one problems with Mexican food is that because it’s so god-damn amazing, it can be easy to over eat and have to many corn chips, tortilla’s, tachos etc. This is why we made something that hits the target of having a little something sweet with managing the exposure to some of the naughties that can affect your body compositional training goals.




3 sliced green apples

3-4 tsp natural peanut butter

2 squares 90% Lindt dark chocolate – blended in food processor

½ cup almonds – blended in food processor

Handful of desiccated coconut




Place sliced apples on a large plate


Sprinkle chocolate, almonds, and coconut over the top drizzle it off a spoon


Drizzle peanut butter over the top of the apple (I used a piping bag but if it is soft enough you can)


….And serve 






Apple Nachos

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