Who Is This (Coach) Sean Connolly Guy Anyway?



Who am I? I’m That Guy.

The one that is silently getting results.

Quietly learning how to do things easier, more efficient and far more effective.

Going ‘full nerd’ so you don’t have to!

Yup, the one out there making a difference.

I’m learning, reading, watching House Of Cards, lifting heavy shit and coaching legends just like you all around the globe.



I’m hard to offend, quick to tell a joke, the first one in the room and always the last one to leave.





All this inspiring rhetoric and positivity that you see in me now… was never always that way. I did it hard, real hard. 


I started from the bottom in a commercial gym in Perth (Australia). I was a newbie that scraped together any client that would have me. I worked, hustled, observed, trialled and made LOTS of errors in learning how to transform peoples bodies. Lot’s of early morning and late nights with not much in between.


What happened from there was magical. It all clicked and fell into place.


My clients started seeing amazing results. They started smashing PB’s and hitting targets that we hadn’t even planned for.


I got busy. I mean real busy! My timetable was chock-a-block with people wanting to know what I was doing.


This was a cool feeling.


From there, it’s all history. I figured out what I was doing and then made sure that all my clients got it… in spades. It was like a secret code that you would use on a video game to go to levels that would otherwise take you MONTHS to get to. I want playing in another space and my clients were with me. Honestly, it was (and still is) the greatest feeling seeing your clients lose their words and become speechless.


You to can discover what my secrets are. They’re just here.


From that day I have always taken on people I want to work with and people that who have what it takes. The ones that know that there’s hard work involved, preparation and dedication. The ones that make the most noise about wanting to change are usually the ones that want the magic bullet.


Sweat is good. Reeeeally good!


The ones that get results pay for it in sweat, time, effort and lots more sweat.




Training with Sean was the best thing I’ve done in my career. I lost over 18kg of body fat and played the best basketball of my career – Matty Knight (NBL Perth Wildcats) NBL Championship 2014, NBL All-Star Starting-5, NBL All-Australian First-Team.


You’re probably thinking to yourself – “Why do I need a coach?”



It’s something that’s asked all the time and always get’s the same answer from me. “If you’re wanting to get something you’ve never had, results you’ve never achieved and success that has always been just out of your grasp, wouldn’t it be a wise and smart investment in learning and working with someone who does this all day – everyday?”


Kinda simple ain’t it?


Good coaches aren’t cheap and cheap coaches aren’t good. I’m a huge believer in investments. Calvulated ones actaully. When you buy a house, you look at location, interests rates, how much land and how many swimming pools you can fit into the lounge room…and the backyard. You want to make sure you get everyone out and leave no stone unturned.


I’m not your everyday coach. I’m a bit of a trailblazer in the sense that not only do I think I’m making some awesome headway in getting results with clients here in Australia (and around the globe!), I’m a trailblazer because I don’t follow the rules.


I was stronger than I’ve ever been. There’s a reason you’re the best, Coach! Thank you for everything You’ve done. – Greg Hire (NBL Perth Wildcats) NBL Championship 2013/214, NBL Championship Runner Up ’14/15 & ’12/13, NBL 6th Man Nomination ’13/14.

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F**k Rules. Like Glass, It’s Always Better To Break It.


Their meant to be broken. Smashed. Obliterated. Totally and utterly fucking destroyed.

Phew! I feel better now. Just needed to get that off my chest.



Coaching with Coach Connolly was one of the best things that I’ve ever done in my professional sporting career. He knew the in’s and out’s of my sport and engaged himself in my training as if he we’re the one competing. It’s great to know that he’s more than qualified, intelligent and know’s his sh*t which is why I’m in the top 6 in Australia for Long Jump.



And lastly, the most important thing about me is the woman wrapping her arms around me just at the bottom of this page. That’s my wife Laine. She’s great. Actually she’s more than just great. She’s a bombshell and the funniest introvert you will meet. She laughs at her own jokes, thinks I’m a goof ball and doesn’t know who Princess Laya is. Sheesh! I love her very much. She is the reason why I help so many people (like you!) because she makes me a better person. I’m just paying it forward.





Hard work pays off … strict arse eating works – I will beat this back injury – my shoulders are coming back !! Big Kudos to @coach_connolly for keeping me on track n training me ??#wegotthis #lifting #functionaltraining #gym#healthy #glutenfree #itsbeenalongroad#imsostoked


I’m proud of these people. They did the work and now are experience a better way of living. Some of the hundreds of typical stories I create.


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