Zinc is a mineral our bodies need to function. It is found in the cells of many bodily systems and cycles. The primary function of Zinc is to improve the immune system function by ensuring invading bacteria and viruses are dealt with effectively, whilst damage to the body is limited as much as possible. But thats not all Zinc does…Zinc is essential for the construction of new genetic material within your cells. This means, if you do not consume Zinc, your body will struggle when creating new cells. In fact, there are many reasons why Zinc is important…and here are the top seven reasons why you should start consuming more of it!


1. It Aids Strength & Athletic Performance


By consuming a good quantity of Zinc, you can improve your performance in sport and athletics. This is because Zinc is an essential part of the production of hormones in your body. Studies have shown that having a sufficient amount of Zinc available in the body helps with the release of testosterone and growth hormones – both of which aid your athletic performance and help your muscles get stronger.

Studies have shown that boosting the amount of Zinc in your body can help your body produce testosterone both during and after exercise. These studies focused on athletes who were given a Zinc supplement for 1 month, it was found that their bodies had a larger amount of testosterone flowing through them post-workout than they did without the zinc. This means that you can improve recovery after training and help yourself do more for longer, aiding your abilities massively.





2. It Improves Your Sleep


Getting a better night’s sleep not only leaves you feeling more refreshed, but it can improve brain function and increase your levels of energy throughout the day. This is most likely one of the best benefits of consuming a sufficient quantity of Zinc!


Zinc is important for your sleep because it regulates Dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the body necessary for making you able to get up in the morning and focus on the tasks at hand. Zinc is also necessary for helping maintain general cognition, and even in metabolising Melatonin, a hormone essential for getting regular and uninterrupted sleep at night.


Consume more Zinc and you’ll have more energy in the day and you’ll be able to focus more at work.


3. It Makes You Feel Good


If you’re stressed, it can be hard to feel good – but Zinc actually helps you feel great even when you have reason to be down, thanks to its ability to help improve hormone production. By producing Dopamine, your brain can help you achieve more which in turn makes you more fulfilled. This may enable Zinc to help you fight depression.


For instance, Zinc aids general insulin health and as already mentioned, raises your testosterone levels – two solutions to problems that are often accompanied by feelings of depression.



4. It Helps Prevent Diabetes


Number 3 mentioned that Zinc helps your general insulin health, and it really does! In fact, Zinc is a key substance in your body that helps maintain a healthy hormone balance and insulin level, helping avoid diabetes. Zinc helps you avoid diabetes by binding itself to insulin. This means that insulin is properly stored away in the pancreas and only released when necessary – specifically when sugar enters the blood. When you consume more sugar, the pancreas will excrete insulin where the Zinc has helped to store it.


Without the Zinc, the pancreas is unable to properly determine when it is the right time to excrete insulin, causing a whole host of problems and ultimately leading to diabetes.


Zinc even helps maintain insulin sensitivity through its anti-inflammatory properties. Specifically, Zinc gets rid of C-reactive proteins – in regular speak, this means that your cells are protected from regular inflammation and in turn, both insulin sensitivity and general cell health can be maintained.


5. It Helps Your Heart


Zinc is essential if you want to maintain a healthy heart. Zinc’s necessity in creating new cells is important particularly for the heart, as well as the endothelium. The endothelium is absolutely essential for your heart and cardiovascular health. It is a very thin layer of cells that you will find throughout blood vessels, and it helps maintain a healthy blood flow.


When you don’t have enough Zinc in your body, your endothelium may be thinner and struggle to remain healthy. This provides opportunity for inflammation and cholesterol to build up over time. Increased inflammation and cholesterol increases your chance of heart disease. Consume enough Zinc and you can ensure your heart stays healthy for many years to come – assuming you have a healthy diet of course!


6. It Helps Prevent Cancer


It seems like everything can help prevent cancer these days, but that’s because it’s much easier to slip into bad eating habits and find out later that you’ve been missing out on some important vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Zinc is one such mineral that can really help you avoid cancer and which you should consider eating more of.


This is a result of Zinc playing an important role in cell proliferation, meaning that it can help stop the growth of dangerous cancer cells.


7. It’s Great For Fertility


Whether you’re male or female, Zinc is great for fertility. For women, it can help eggs mature properly and keep the ovulation cycle working properly. For a men Zinc helps maintain testosterone levels. It also provides prostate cells with the huge amount of support they need to stay healthy. Interestingly, on average, prostate cells require around 10 times more Zinc than any other cell in the human body!

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